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Contactos - Rita Brettes

If you have any questions either related to Language Coaching, online courses and/or presential courses, please contact me on:


Language coaching is learning a language by using specific objectives, strategies and metrics to achieve them. With this method motivation to learn goes beyond the classroom and teaching materials are directed to the student or to a specific group according to their themes of interest, within the accurate linguistic level.

In short, in traditional teaching, the learning perspective is centered on the teacher's choices and the material is used according to the general curriculum of the linguistic level in question. In Language Coaching, the strategies and questions lead the student to find their path to learn and the material is adapted to the themes of interest and student’s needs, according to the his/her linguistic level (CEFR).

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) provides a common basis for the development of language curricula, curriculum guidelines, exams, textbooks in Europe. In this useful tool you will find an exhaustive description of the 6 language levels: A1/A2 (basic user); B1/B2 (intermediate user); C1/C2 (proficient user). For more detailed information visit this link.

No. After a conversation with the student/partner company, the number of hours needed to answer to learning needs is assessed.

a. Diagnostic test
b. intermediate test
c. Final test

Yes. At the end of the course, the student or group of students receives a language certificate with the final course grade and corresponding language level assessment.

Telc Exams are Language tests that allow the student to identify his/her language language and obtain the corresponding certificate.

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