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Imagem de destaque do post do blog conheça Portugal

The best and most enjoyable way to learn Portuguese is to get to know and understand the culture of the country that uses it. As my students tell me, I am their tour advisor! It is important to be aware of what is happening in the country, to better understand the mission and values of the company we are joining, or better manage a new team whose culture may be different from ours. Even if the objective is to improve the philosophy and corporate culture, we have to start from the perspective of the country of arrival so that there is less resistance to change. This cultural understanding is done through experiencing social life, going to restaurants, hotels, cultural events, concerts, bars, cafes or even family events, such as birthdays of the children's colleagues, among other activities. That's why there are always some websites that I recommend visiting:

Lisbon's cultural agenda in timeout or agendalx.

Oeiras cultural events here.

Cascais cultural events here.

Family cultural events here.

To try our gastronomy, the best thing is to book through the application The Fork. There you will have the evaluation and comments of the places for a better choice.

When you search for Wellness, Beauty (hairdresser and manicure, for example) and Fitness services, you can go to SheerMe where you will find what you need.

Enjoy Portugal, we are a hidden treasure ready to be discovered!